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Closing the Gap in the SL® Magazine Industry

Closing the Gap in the SL® Magazine Industry

Dear MWGA Members,

Thank you for being apart of Magazine Writer’s Guide Association. Our staff has worked hard to organize events and workshops that cater your needs. We appreciate your confidence in us and hope you will continue this journey with us in 2012. Due to the success of 2011 the staff have decided to upgrade our services and structure. We met with our Elites to outline and improve our association. After deliberating we finally decided on the following:




  1. Socials (charges depend on event)
  2. Game Nights (free to all)
  3. Movie Nights (free to all)
  4. Workshops (charges see below)


RSVPs will be required.
Speakers will receive a “honorarium” for facilitating workshops as soon as we have the income to support it.

1000L per 2 hour session.

Until then a “tip jar” will be provided for the speaker and members would be asked for a suggested donation of 100L per session.

Members would be expected to donate 100L per session.

Non-members would be charged 250L per session.

RSVPs will be REQUIRED and managed (eventually) through a ticket purchase process on MarketPlace.

Additional services provided to members include:

  1. Rental of the office space or meeting space: 250L/hour or 1000L/day (one day = 24 hours)
    1. there are two offices available
    2. one conference room
    3. the main floor lobby that can be set up in a variety of ways
  2. Rent of gadgets+instructions 400L/hour or 1500L/day (One day = 24 hours)

We should take this gadget section out until we can list what gadgets we are providing.


Individual Membership
100L through the month of August.
500L after August 31
100L if a verified staff person of a Corporate Sponsor

Privileges: Individuals do not get posting rights unless under circumstances stated below.
Any individual associated with a special event (fundraiser etc.), should notify an MWGA Executive Board member or staff person so they may get posting rights for the duration of the time needed.

An individual member not associated with a special event may get temporary notice rights. Any fee associated with this is at the discretion of Lyric Navarita-Baxton or the Executives of her choosing. Please understand, if you have income potential (not 100% going to charity) then you can afford to support MWGA with a nominal fee.

Bloggers/Business members
(with operations more than one year)
1000L OR
500L plus MWGA logo on their web site

Privileges: Bloggers may have notice rights upon request BUT may only post once per week unless approved in advance. (This is to avoid the daily posting of blog links about every post.) Any individual associated with a special event (fundraiser etc.), should notify an MWGA Executive Board member or staff person so they may post more frequently.

Media Mogul Membership
(Media Mogul is a person who controls, either through personal ownership or a dominant position, any media enterprise.)
1000L OR
500L plus exhange of MWGA promotion through media channel (negotiated)

Privileges: Media Moguls may distribute their publication in the group once a month or as frequent as issued for magazines. Radio and Video (TV) may send notices up to once a week to promote programming.

Elite Members

Elite Members are persons of established consistency in the media or publishing business. They have joined at a previous membership rate and are promoted at no additional charge. They are most often Media Moguls and have met specific criteria in order to be given this tag. Criteria can be presented upon request but the final decision is made by a small committee review. Please send a request to an MWGA Executive for more information.

Elite Members are expected to support and promote MWGA throughout their staff groups with the idea that their staff can benefit from group workshops and networking. We ask that Elite Members promote MWGA via their media in some form when possible. For example logo on website, ad space in magazine, :30 radio spot (not including production costs).

Privileges: Elite Members may post an unlimited number of notices in the group (within reason). They may request assistance from MWGA interns for short projects. They are the first to be considered when goods or services are needed by the group.

Corporate Sponsorship
Businesses/Media Outlets may choose to purchase a corporate sponsorship which will then allow any verified staff member to attend workshops as a member.

These rates may be negotiated.

Decisions can be made on a case by case basis for those that do not fit “neatly” into the categories outlined above.

Corporate Sponsors may send any individual employee to a workshop for 50L.
This will operate on the honor system but we may contact Elites to verify. Elites are welcome to provide a list of staff persons in advance that we may cross reference. We ask that we are simply notified of any changes.

Notice rights are limited to (at most) three members on behalf of a Corporate Member.
An individual may have posting rights for more than one Corporate Member but it is considered bad form for anyone to post notices on behalf of a Non-Member.

Please Note:
Abuse of notice privileges will result in the following steps:

  1. one warning,
  2. one suspension of privileges for one month, and if necessary
  3. removal of privileges until a time as determined by Lyric Navarita-Baxton.


  1. Event Planning
  2. Photography
  3. Videography
  4. Marketing
  5. Business Operations


Event Planning

– Assist in organizing & scheduling social and workshop events

– Secure speakers & finalize event arrangements

– Assist in creating invitations, decoration arrangements and retrieving RSVPs

– Create buzz for social and workshop events, assist in sending out invitations, notices and tps


– Assist in taking quality images during social and workshop events

– Creative and innovative photos using programs such as: Photo-shop, illustrator or in-design

– Use skills to help further mwga campaigns and marketing strategies


– Utilize skills in videography to record workshops and marketing campaigns

– Edit quality work which will be a great representation for the brand

– Post videos to create positive buzz on online channels (facebook,,, youtube)


– Assist in creating strategic methods for expanding mwga brand

– Assist in managing online channels (facebook,, to promote mwga events & news

– Participate & contribute in brainstorming discussions for marketing to audiences in different regions

– Create creative campaigns and be a powerful force in marketing for the association

Business Operations

– Participate in Executive & Elite meetings and contribute to ideas towards the association

– Create sponsorship & membership packages, help negotiate deals and methods for revenue

– Assist in overseeing all departmental operations

– Work closely along side the CEO in managing and report


Elites have the option of allowing MWGA members to intern with their magazine or blog. This program will help both members & Elites interact and network. The program will also be an opportunity for members to gain knowledgeable experience and Elites, additional support in their business.

Duties: Utilizing all media outlets (television/radio/magazine/sites) to expand the brand of MWGA. These individuals will represent MWGA as spokespersons. They will be given regions to focus on and together as a team we will brainstorm strategic ways to reach the audiences in those regions.


  • Workshop Coordinator – (Terrilynn Carami)

Responsibilities include: Organizing and scheduling times for workshops, securing speakers, retrieving RSVPs, creating buzz about events, sending out notices and tps.

  • Special Events Coordinator  – (Morphman Resident)

Responsibilities include: Organizing and scheduling times for socials, creating invitations, decorations, retrieving RSVPs, creating buzz about social events, sending out notices and tps.

  • Marketing Director

Responsibilities include: Creating strategic methods to expand the brand of MWGA throughout the grid by using online & media channels.

  • Business Manager

Responsibilities include: Oversee all operations of MWGA, create sponsorship packages, find sponsors, conduct negotiations, strategize and initiate methods to bring in revenue.


You may be wondering, well where will this money go?

  • Honorariums for speakers
  • Stipends for interns
  • Tier fee for facilities
  • Equipment needed for business or events
  • (purchase of games for Game Night, IM Machine, etc.)
  • Stipends for operations (web site development, event organization)

A monthly public record will be made of income and expenses on a quarterly basis and adjustments will be made where appropriate.


Elites must fulfill certain requirements and apply to become elites. The requirements are as follows:


  • At least 6 months since the start of the magazine
  • At least 3 issues published during this time
  • Willingness to represent MWGA at official events
  • Participation in MWGA meetings


  • At least 3 months since the start
  • At least 2-4 articles/week published
  • Willingness to represent MWGA at official events
  • Participation in MWGA meetings

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