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Lyric Navarita is a public relation specialist in real life with professional experience in both entertainment and magazines. She came to secondlife to learn different trades, meet out of the box thinkers and cultivate ideas to create a business that would support and benefit others. After years of professional experience, she decided to create ™Magazine Writer’s Guide Association for inspiring writers and professionals of sl. Striving to build an association for those of common interests, we are reminded that what makes us great at what we do is the joy we get out from sharing it with others.

“Life is too short and great to keep what we learn to ourselves,” she continues “take what you love and give a piece of that to someone else.”

The best part about building an empire is doing it with individuals who appreciate the art of it. As Founder she blends skills acquired in writing, communication and public relations to help the growth of this organization. ™MWGA came to life the summer of 2010 consisting of highly skilled, professional magazine and blog owners, business moguls and interested readers.

Navarita feels that “joy comes from within, it’s your beauty and it should be your guide. As founder of it’s important to be a positive force professionally & personally.” This association her to do something positive in helping those who strive to be great in this industry have an outlet to learn and engage.


Terrilynn Carami-Vargas first rezzed in Second Life® in April 2009 with the intention of learning content creation for virtual worlds. After the usual amount of distractions, Terri began school for modeling at Fashion Institute and later Super Elite and Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy. In order to support her wardrobe budget, Terri began bringing her RL skills into SL® and eventually connected with the partners at Scruplz Magazine. Her “first life” love of marketing and promotions took over her “second life” time and Terri set aside pursuing a modeling career to be Marketing Director for Scruplz Publishing in December of 2010.

Since then Scruplz has grown to become Virtual Worldwide Media and has added Peoplz Magazine and My Face Model Pool (an SL modeling network site) and is owned by original founder Cherie Parker and art collector and jewelry designer Alexandar Vargas. Currently as both Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operations Officer, when she can fit it in, Terri continues some of her modeling life (largely the shopping portion of it). In her free time she attempts to maintain her friendships, improve her styling and photography, and blog when possible. Terri has been an active member Magazine Writer’s Guide Association nearly since its inception.

As a volunteer Executive Board Member, she coordinates speakers on professional development topics of interest to the members. Past speakers have included Publishing 101, Sales Training, and Group Facilitation in Immersive Environments.  Future projects include a writing workshop, Blogging Boot Camp, Social Media 101, Perspectives on Merchandising, and Basics of SL Business Marketing. Someday she hopes to return to content creation but in the meantime, is have the best time of her second life.


Morphman has always been attracted to computers since he first laid eyes on his father’s Commodore VIC-20 in the late 1980s. For him, the step from the physical to virtual world was a dream that came true. After learning about Second Life he quickly created an account and later met his love interest, Izzie Morgan, a journalist. Together, Izzie Morgan and he created “Torch Magazine,” a guide that strives to help newcomers.

Torch Magazine was founded January 2, 2011. Morphman dedicates his time and efforts in ensuring Torch succeeds. In 2010, He heard of Magazine Writer’s Guide Association and decided to join as a member. After attending many workshops he decided that he wanted to become more involved. He became an MWGA Elite soon after and later apart of the team.

After displaying not only dedication but initiative in volunteering efforts, Lyric Navarita asked him if he would like to work behind the scenes with event planning. As a MWGA manager, he assists in developing event themes, marketing and assists members with their needs.

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